“GARY SELF-PORTRAIT” 2015 ©  49.75" w x 42" H  [126.37 cm x 106.68 cm]

 “GARY SELF-PORTRAIT” 2015©  49.75" w x 42" H  [126.37 cm x 106.68 cm]

    Gary received a BFA from Tyler School of Art and a MFA from Syracuse University. In 1972 Gary and Carrie Goldwater, a sculptor, married and soon thereafter the couple proceeded to fellowships at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. Subsequently they moved to New York City. In 1979 Gary became a member of the American abstract artist organization.

    Carrie and Gary founded Art People (1976) to develop a creative alternative to machine made textiles and wall coverings. The Golkins designed tools, application methods and patterns using their knowledge of art, artists materials and techniques. Their staff of fine artists produced their hand-painted patterns on natural materials. Creative and durable, Art People products garnered an award winning reputation.

    For 6 years during this period, Gary spent time in a pottery studio making hand-built pottery that incorporated texture and color.   Challenged with the three dimensionality in sculpture, Gary was forced and then fascinated into a new was of thinking. Previously Gary's art had only dealt with the two dimensional plane and his imagination. 

    After 2013 Gary returned full time to making art.  Gary’s initial focus was drawing large scale  portraits of people who have impacted his life.  The person’s form was pictured in full round, however the  surrounding environment varied in its spatial characteristics.  More and more the surrounding environments demanded to be abstracted.  

    Through the portraits Gary has incorporated the understanding of the third dimension when the definition of space is required in his work to better express his creativity and drive to communicate. Since late 2016 the desire to draw portraits has receded and now he is concentrating on abstraction.

    Fitting into a strict dogma of a methodology does not offer the latitude for Gary to make retinal depictions of his concepts. Artists like Picasso and Pollack bolster Gary's confidence by their disregard for rules and postulates that challenged freedom of expression.


    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Deeply thankful and with respect for the photographers whose images have been used as details or in full that act as an element in the concepts of each piece. Gary takes the photograph whenever possible. Please use the contact tab above if there is a correction or more information regarding the photographer or the information regarding an included image.